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Blackjack Card Counting

I knew you’d join me here on my blackjack card counting page. Because I am the Blackjack-Guru, I know… Your lesson today involves the one and only strategy that has actually been proven to work. That is to say that by using blackjack card counting, you can increase your odds of winning the hands that you play. Do keep in mind though, that there’s no substitute for playing smart with your money. Relying on any strategy other than bankroll management can be a disaster waiting to happen. Take it from old George. I know what I’m talking about.

So! A strategy that is very widely used among gamblers is blackjack card counting. Throughout the years, much has been said about the art of counting; some say it doesn’t work, some swear by it. What do I think? Well, I can tell you that it certainly does work, but whether or not you choose to try it is up to you. Throughout the history of this game (and it’s a long one!), blackjack card counting has proven to be the only real strategy that will really increase your odds of winning.

The main objective of blackjack card counting is to get a basic idea of how many high cards are left in the deck. Knowing this, you can make decisions based whether a certain card is or isn’t present in the deck. Let’s say one deck is being used in the game you’re playing and you’ve already counted four aces, meaning that there are none left in the deck. You’ll know that whatever the case may be, the dealer will not hit blackjack until after all the cards are returned to the deck. Blackjack card counting quite simply gives you an idea of what to expect and where you stand in the game.

However, blackjack card counting is not an easy task; it requires a lot of concentration and a memory like a steel trap, as they say. It’s also a strategy that has the potential to tire you out quickly. Of course, the more decks that are being used to play the game, the harder blackjack card counting becomes. Below, I’ve provided for you two lists of what to consider when using this strategy. You need to keep track of slightly different things depending on whether you’re playing a face-up or a face-down game. As you can see, there’s lots of information to pack into your brain, so you have to be focused.

When playing face-down games, keep track of:

  1. The dealer's up card.
  2. Your hole cards.
  3. Any hit cards and busted cards.
  4. The dealer's hole card.
  5. The dealer's hit cards, if any.
  6. Other players' hole cards and double down cards.

When playing face-up games, keep track of:

  1. Other players' hole cards.
  2. The dealer's up card.
  3. Any hit cards and busted cards.
  4. The dealer's hole card.
  5. The dealer's hit cards, if any.
  6. Any double down cards.

There you have it! I think that’s about enough information for you. Any more, and there wouldn’t be any room to keep track of the cards, should you decide to try it. Remember though; blackjack card counting is not a sure thing. Though it will mathematically work, you’re only going to be able to attempt it in a 1 or 2 deck game. So take it from the Guru; money management is the best way to come out on top at the casino, but you can be the judge. Good luck!

If you like, you can go back to the blackjack strategy page from here, or on to my strategy chart page to have a look at that.

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