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Hello, and welcome to todayís lesson on blackjack strategy. Old George here (or the Guru, if you prefer) will show you the ropes, and share all the knowledge heís got. Thatís my mission in life; to teach those who wish to learn The Way of the Guru. Iíve tried out a lot of blackjack strategy in my day, and they all have their merits, so listen up.

The simple truth regarding blackjack strategy is just that. Simple! Simple is best. You only need to know the basic rules to know that you have total control over what you do with a given combination of cards. The only things you donít have control over are the cards themselves. Thatís where lots of gamblers swear by card-counting as a blackjack strategy. Now take it from George, this will only work when youíre playing a game with one to two decks of cards. Any more than that, and youíd have to be a walking computer to keep track. As far as a blackjack strategy goes, this is by far the most common, and the only one that has been proven to increase your odds of winning.

If you want to find out a bit more along the lines of a card-counting blackjack strategy, just visit my card-counting page to read up on it. As far as the rest of them go, you could just go on the Ďnet and find tons of pages with blackjack strategy information, and some of it might, just might be good to follow. As far as Iím concerned, there really isnít anything out there thatís worth it. You know that you usually have to pay for someoneís blackjack strategy that is supposed to be THE ONE that will bring the casinos to their knees? Well, I can speak from experience here; if anyone claims to have a blackjack strategy that will do that, theyíre feeding you a line. Casinos wouldnít make so much money if there was a way to beat them. Thatís why their owners are so rich!

So thatís it for me on this page. My work here is done. Donít get discouraged by what youíve learned here. It doesnít mean that you canít have loads of fun playing Blackjack, and even win big sometimes; but as far as Iím concerned, the best strategy in any gambling game is to be smart with your money. Know when to call it quits either when youíre ahead or before you get behind. Remember that advice from the Guru the next time you sit down at a blackjack table and youíll do just fine.

One more thing! If you're interested, I've drawn up a strategy chart, based on the cards that are dealt in different combinations. If you'd like to have a look, just go to my strategy chart page.

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