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Online blackjack! Thatís what Iím here to tell you about today. As the Guru, Iím your teacher, so that makes you my student. Pull up a chair and get ready for this lesson; the one that makes online blackjack seem just like an old friend.

As you must know by now, blackjack is just about my favorite game to play, and online blackjack runs a very close second only to the casino version. One of the things about blackjack that is almost universally loved is the fact that you actually have some say in the outcome of each hand you play. Itís not like rolling some dice or pulling the handle on a slot machine. Even in online blackjack, itís up to you whether you stand or hit on any given card. Thatís how you can really get involved in this game.

Now of course, with online blackjack, you use buttons instead of calling out hit or stand to the dealer. It wouldnít surprise me a bit, with the way technology is going, if there are voice controlled blackjack games out there too! But the only ones Iíve seen so far use the mouse to place your bets and so on. Thatís the way my free blackjack game works. You can try it out now if you want.

Now there are lots of folks who prefer to play casino blackjack because of all the extra entertainment that comes along with it: beautiful girls serving up cool drinks, the excitement of someone hitting a big win, and the animated conversations with your neighbor. You donít get any of that with online blackjack, but you do get a few things youíd never be able to get at the casino. You have the chance to concentrate on your every move without any distractions other than the sound of your speakers and the clicks of the mouse. Well, okÖ maybe youíll hear yourself shout out if you win big! Online blackjack is an excellent way for gamblers to get the most out of the game. Players looking to win big usually donít care much for the surroundings, the big hype, or the extras that are part of the casino. They have the opportunity to concentrate fully on the game, without worrying about losing their focus.

Blackjack is available widely throughout the internet, and you will rarely find a site that doesnít offer a game. Most of the games you will find are pretty much the same; the interfaces might vary, but the technology behind them all is fairly similar. You might find that with online blackjack, there are differences among the betting rules but that doesnít change your odds or how much fun you can have.

So there you have the Guruís thoughts about online blackjack. Donít forget that you can try out my free game too! Maybe youíre a natural or maybe you feel like you need some practice. No matter. Itís all for fun in the end. Enjoy yourself!

Check out my new page on Double Exposure Blackjack! It's a new variant on the traditional game, that's taking the casinos by storm!

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